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Insurance Terms & Conditions

Super Postal Center (SPC) is not an insurance agent or company, and we are not licensed to sell insurance in the State of Florida.  We do offer our customers the opportunity to “declare” a higher value on your shipments at the time of shipping for an additional fee.  Declaring a value on a shipment will allow you to submit a claim up to that amount, although it does not necessarily mean that the claim will be approved and/or paid.  The final determination of whether a claim is going to be paid is made by the carrier or third party insurance company and their adjusters. 

SPC works with multiple carriers:  United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express (FedEx), and the United States Parcel Service (USPS).  Each carrier has different tariffs regarding “insurance” coverage.

The carriers each use different terminology to describe their added value coverage.  Some of these terms are “Asset Value Protection”, “Declared Value” and “Shipment Value Protection”.  While each carrier has different procedures and restrictions, the following guidelines must be followed by our customers and/or their recipients regardless of the carrier:

  1. Receiver should inspect all packages for damage immediately upon  delivery;
  2.  Notify Super Postal Center immediately if any damage is detected;
  3.  Save all boxes and packaging materials for inspection by the carrier’s  adjuster;
  4.  A receipt or proof of value (appraisal) is required to settle a claim with the  carriers or insurance company.  Such proof of value must be no older than  6 months;
  5. Electronics cannot be insured for “shock damage”;
  6.  Some items have an “inherent risk” – such as neon lights and glass – that most carriers will not pay a claim on.  Such items can be covered if “lost”, but claims for damage will likely be denied;
  7. Personal effects may not be covered for damage, only for loss;
  8. Items of unique or extraordinary value may have a declared value limit   placed on them.  This includes but is not limited to jewelry and antiques;
  9. Packages must be properly packaged.  The carrier or insurance company can deny any claim if the packaging is deemed to be inadequate for the shipped item.  SPC will only be liable for packages packed entirely by SPC.  SPC is not responsible for any damages if any part of the packaging is pre-packed by customer. Furthermore, SPC cannot certify if customer packed items are sufficiently packed to prevent damage;
  10. Failure to request a signature by receiver may result in claim denial; and
  11. Coverage is not available for consequential, incidental or special damages   that may arise from loss, damage, non-delivery, or delayed delivery.
  12. Replacement coverage is typically provided for a similar item.  Thus, if an    item is 5 years old, the coverage will usual look to replace with a     comparable item.  In addition, if a settlement is made to replace an item, the insurance carrier has technically “purchased” the damaged item and could ask for the item in exchange for the settlement.

Carrier and Insurance Company terms are subject to change without notice.

SPC strives to inform and educate our customers concerning declared value protection.  However, due to the complexity of each carrier’s terms we highly recommend that customers be familiar with the tariffs of each carrier, especially in regards to declared value/insurance.  The following is a list of the carrier’s websites where their tariffs can be reviewed.


Federal Express –



Any other specific questions should be directed towards each carrier.  SPC further reserves the right to use RS Insurance, which is provided by Marsh Insurance (// or any other third party insurer.

With the exception of pre-paid drop-offs, SPC is the shipper of record with each carrier, and we will handle the claims process on behalf of our customers.  To initiate a claim, please contact Super Postal Center at:

160 W. Camino Real, Boca Raton, FL  33432,  PH:  561-750-6750

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